Digital duplicators

High volume, high quality 

Many different industries can benefit from the Fruth Group’s available hardware. Our compact, efficient design printers give you sharp, high-quality documents quickly and reliably. Our multifunction systems go a couple of steps further, giving you the ability not just to print documents but also to scan and distribute them digitally.

However, other organizations may have broader and higher needs than these devices can handle. For clients who need to print large amounts of documents on a regular basis, the Fruth Group offers a selection of digital duplicators. Our machines will deliver high-quality prints with optimal speed and consistency.

Superior Print Speeds

With our available devices, you can print thousands of pages within minutes. Sophisticated controls enable you to get error-free documents and sharper, more detailed images.

Minimal Costs Per Page

Digital duplicators give you first-rate prints at exceptionally low costs. Our machines print pages for a fraction of a cent, which makes them ideal for organizations with tight budgets.

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