Ok, So why
Fruth Group?

At the Fruth Group, we build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and our community as a whole. From hardware supply and management to software security and collaboration, our suite of solutions is carefully tailored to each customer with their long-term goals in mind.

When you invite us into your business, we listen carefully, we make sure that we understand your objectives, and we formulate a plan for your needs.


Through our assessment and reporting services, your company gains valuable information about many facets of your daily operation. We assess your network and printing needs, and provide you with full detailed reports that show daily, monthly and even yearly usage and cost.


After we fully understand your company’s needs, we develop a strategy involving the seamless  integration of cutting edge hardware and software. Most importantly, we integrate these two together so you can empower your employees, save money, and respond better to your customers


Our services and solutions are custom tailored to fit your needs and work within your budget. In addition to our initial services, we also provide ongoing support and are constantly looking for new avenues of efficiency