Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Avoid devastating cyberattacks by consistently educating your workforce on security best practices.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Avoid devastating cyberattacks by consistently educating your workforce on security best practices.

Keep your team alert.

Protect your business from cybersecurity threats with a broader knowledge of the most common forms of attack, so you and your employees can immediately flag risks as they occur. Safeguarding your network from fast-evolving phishing scams and other threats warrants regular cybersecurity awareness training to stay informed and alert on the latest trends. Password management, email verification, and multi-factor authentication (MFA), can only do so much, educating team members on the risks and warning signs has never been more critical.

Cybersecurity awareness training for employees

Phishing emails and texts to employees result in a third of all data breaches. Arm your employees with advanced, ongoing cyber security awareness challenge training included with both Fruth Group’s Plus and Complete TotalSecure packages. Build your defenses by educating your workforce—teaching your team how to identify red flags and avoid engaging in new and emerging socially-engineered cyber threats. We’ll help defuse potentially devastating and expensive cyber attacks on your business, showing you and your teams how to identify and escalate potential threats to cybersecurity specialists on your team and ours.


Keep your team informed on the latest phishing threats—including ones that are harder to spot and evolving tactics used to compromise personal data. While some phishing attempts on your business are more obvious (due to misspellings, incoherence, or general sloppiness)—others are harder to identify, designed and branded as marketing emails.


Save time and resources when they matter most, with team members educated on flagging suspicious links, websites, files, and emails before clicking. Prevent malware from impacting network speed or your bottom line by making your employees your first line of defense instead of a vulnerability point. Fruth’s ongoing cybersecurity trainings keep your workforce alert and informed.


Prevent data breaches enabling team members to identify phishing scams impersonating business members. Help your team identify risks and suspicious emails before they become liabilities. For example, if your Human Resources team receives an employee from a sender posing as an employee wanting to update their direct deposit information, team members can immediately recognize giveaways and suspicious activity.

Keep your business data secure and your team educated with quarterly or annual cybersecurity awareness training, informing them of the latest scams and threats. Fruth’s cybersecurity packages increase your employees’ ability to spot malicious emails, links, and sites, providing simulated phishing attempts and comprehensive training to educate your entire workforce on spotting potential risks.