Reduce your risks by learning how to spot them.

Ongoing cybersecurity awareness training keeps your team alert.

To protect your business from cybersecurity threats, you know you need the basics like password management, email verification and multi-factor authentication (MFA). But to truly amp up your defenses against cybercrimes, you also need a team that’s savvy to all the most common forms of attack. By spotting risks at the individual level, right when they occur, your entire network can be safer from the phishing scams of today, and the new ones still to come.

In both our Plus and Complete packages, TotalSecure by Fruth Group equips you and your employees with advanced, ongoing cyber awareness challenge training. We’ll teach your team how to spot potential risks, avoid falling into common traps and even identify new or emerging risks—the kinds that just don’t feel right. We also show you how to flag and escalate perceived attacks to the right cybersecurity specialists on your team and ours, so we can help you defuse potentially dangerous—and costly—cyber attacks on your business.


While there are some phishing attempts on your business that would be obvious to just about anyone (whether that’s thanks to misspellings, incoherence or general sloppiness)—others can be harder to spot. We’ll teach your team how to identify common kinds of phishing scams, along with less common and emerging tactics that are being used to steal personal data.


Whether an instance of malware is merely slowing down your network, or a more sinister disruption is at work, malware is serious business, and it can have an immense impact on your bottom line. We can teach your team how to identify suspicious links, sites, files or other instances of this malicious software before they click, saving valuable time and resources for everyone along the way.


Picture this: your accounts payable team receives an email from an employee requesting to switch banks for their next direct deposit. Would your team know how to spot the risks that are inherent to such a request? Could you even be sure that the email (while seemingly coming from an employee on your network) was real? We’ll help you identify these risks and many more.

Whether quarterly or annual, cybersecurity awareness training can ensure your team has the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about the scams and other threats that are most likely to target your business. Included in both the TotalSecure Plus and Complete packages, Fruth Group provides simulated phishing attempts and other training to help increase your employees’ ability to spot malicious emails, links and sites. We’ll teach them just what to look out for, and our training services are included for all employees within your domain.