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The power of dedicated hardware with the flexibility of the Cloud

Cloud Servers give companies a freedom and flexibility that physicals servers cannot provide. The ability to quickly access, share and secure files is of critical importance to your company, and Fruth Cloud Servers make it all possible.

Why should your business use Cloud Servers?

Many companies experience rapid growth, or demands which change seasonally. Cloud Servers grant you the flexibility to scale resources up or down to accommodate changing business needs – so you only pay for the resources you actually need. Having your server hosted in the cloud also allows you to securely access your data whenever, from wherever you are.

Cloud Servers allow you to reduce your total cost of ownership. You no longer need to invest in physical hardware, and Fruth Group takes care of all configuration, maintenance, repairs, and security – allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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Hosted in Fruth Group’s private cloud

Rather than being stored in a public cloud, your data and apps are securely hosted in Fruth Group’s private cloud environment. Our data center is located in Phoenix, AZ, providing all our customers in the Southwest lightning fast response times.

Our cloud servers allow you to operate with confidence. Due to the number of available servers, if a problem arises, the resource will be automatically shifted so that our clients are unaffected. And with your files stored securely in the cloud, lost data can easily be regained.

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The Cloud Server migration process

Fruth Group runs a diagnostic of your current infrastructure, learns your business objectives, and begins to architect a strategy which is right for you. Throughout this phase, you begin to understand the many benefits of Cloud Servers.

The goal is to create a complete portfolio of all IT applications, workloads, and their corresponding levels of interdependencies. The order in which your applications will be migrated is based on level of complexity and business criticality.

In this phase, we begin to design, migrate individual applications. After migration, we ensure your application is stable and functional through adequate validation testing.

Fruth Group continually manages, maintains, and improves your entire cloud environment.

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