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A phone system for the way you work

Fruth Group Cloud Voice is built with the features you need to communicate seamlessly, whether you are in the office, working from home, or on-the-go.

Cloud Voice – by Fruth Group

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Office Solutions

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership with cloud hosted VoIP phone service

Customized solutions to suit business objectives of all sizes

Support your on-site and remote staff seamlessly

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Call Center Solutions

Communicate more efficiently internally, and with customers

Complete array of enterprise-grade features and applications

Integrated, mobile management, tracking, and statistics

Some of the most popular features include:

Voicemail to email

Voicemails and faxes are automatically sent to your email, so you never miss a call.


Make and receive calls directly on your computer, eliminating the need for a traditional desk phone.

Fruth Group Support

Our knowledgeable, in-house help desk is available to assist you with your needs.


Being cloud hosted, your phone system scales easily with new business demands.

VoIP Security

Built in encryption and automatic backup, restore & failover features let you operate worry-free.

Instant Messaging

Employees can communicate quickly and easily through our integrated chat/IM system.


View a colleague’s presence, or set your own to alert others to your availability.

Video Conferencing

Launch a web conference easily through our client, with no need for 3rd party software.

Unified Communications

Phone, fax, voice mail, web conferencing, and chat – all within the same client.

Cloud hosted

Simplify your business communications by migrating to the Cloud

Having your phone system hosted in the cloud grants you immeasurable mobility and flexibility. Reduce your total cost of ownership by not requiring a phone server on premise, and gain true mobility. Take your office extension anywhere you go with our VoIP clients for Android & iOS. You can answer your office extension calls on your cell phone, and easily make transfers to colleagues in any location. On-premise hosting is also available.

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Fully Featured

Our complete solutions provide you with a top-tier, all-inclusive system

Fruth Group Cloud Voice comes with every feature you need, and then some. We don’t upsell you additional features or addons – because they are already included!

Complete unified communications with web conferencing, chat, presence, softphones, smartphone clients & more
Total freedom – answer and transfer calls, chat, and manage your Cloud Voice system from any device, anywhere
Softphones for both Mac and Windows eliminate the need for a desk phone altogether
Voicemail to Email – Cloud Voice automatically emails you a .wav file of your voicemails

For a detailed list of technical features, click here.

Fully Managed

Fruth Group handles the maintenance and management of your phone fleet

Your phone arrive fully configured and provisioned for immediate use. In addition, our in-house Fruth Group team supports all maintenance and management of your phone system, and phone fleet. We keep your firmware up-to-date, can configure advanced options, and even reprovision your devices remotely.

fruth group cloud voice fully managed

Hardware Included

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership by avoiding purchasing all new devices

Fruth Group provides all the devices and hardware you need as a part of your monthly service. This allows you to avoid the up-front cost of purchasing a new fleet of phones and devices outright. All of our hardware is procured from legitimate sources and falls under full manufacturer warranty.

If a device is damaged or should ever fail, Fruth Group handles all service, warranty and replacement processes.

High end technology with a small price tag

Dramatically reduce costs by switching to Cloud Voice

Cloud hosting allows you to avoid owning costly hardware such as on-premise phone servers and backup devices. You are able to use your existing devices, or lease new devices through Fruth Group – avoiding buying new devices outright.

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VoIP Network Readiness Test

Your phone system is the lifeline between your company, your customers, and your employees. That’s why reliability and quality of service are essential parts of your communications network. There are certain aspects of your current network that need to be considered to ensure that you are capable of delivering high-quality voice, video, and UC features to your office.

fruth group cloud voice speed test

What can be learned from the Speed Test?

The top 3 factors in determining your VoIP network readiness are upload/download speed, latency, and jitter. A good result on all of these tests does not guarantee your network will be reliable, but it can quickly detect an inadequate network.


1. Upload/Download Speed > 3Mbps
2. Latency < 250ms
3. Jitter < 50ms

Integration is fast, simple & secure

Cloud Voice can be installed and set up quickly and easily with pre-configured templates, and then customized to suit your needs. Your IP Phones and Gateways are automatically configured when plugged into the network. Our software runs flawlessly on hundreds of models of phones, so you can avoid interop issues.

Fruth Group Cloud Voice has built-in automatic failover and backup to a location of your choice. Our increased secure web server configuration ensure all your voice traffic is encrypted via SRTP. Automatic generation and management of SSL certificates ensures your data stays secured & compliant with regulations.

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