Managed Print Services

assess. strategize. improve.

We assess your entire printing infrastructure, build a strategy that will increase efficiency, and continually improve on it.

What exactly is “Managed Print Services”?

Descriptions of Managed Print Services can sometimes be long and convoluted, but the end goal is simple: obtaining understanding and control of your printing, which helps you save money, boost productivity, and lower your carbon footprint.

The term “printing” encompasses a lot:

All print output by your employees
Office printers, multifunction systems, copiers, scanners, faxes
Production and offset printing, mailing, distribution
IT Helpdesk support, service calls, maintenance
Consumable supplies such as paper, toner, ink cartridges

The key benefits of Managed Print Services:

Managed Print Benefits

At Fruth Group, we do more than just oversee your printing

Assessment. Because every company is a little different, we conduct a thorough, up-front assessment to analyze your business’ current print infrastructure, and better understand your specific needs.

Strategy. We develop a customized plan of action based on that knowledge, enabling us to remove redundancies, reduce your environmental footprint, and optimize your total print experience.

Continuous improvement. After the implementation of our plan, we continually monitor your printing environment to offer further solutions, supporting you with the supplies you need, and delivering in-depth reports about your printing patterns.

Did you know?

The average ratio of employees to printers is 4:1, but the optimal ratio is 10:1.
70% of used print cartridges are not recycled.
Cumulatively, printing costs can be as much as 10-15% of a company’s annual spending.
Using Managed Print Services has been shown to cut costs by as much as 30%.
40% of IT help desk calls are printer related.

Are you asking the right questions about saving money on printing?

Cost recovery

Printing tends to be a company’s most overlooked operational expense. Left unmanaged, these costs can spiral out of control.

Enforce rules based routing to reduce total print volume and wastage
Cloud based service platform tracks resource usage and costs
Automatic scheduling of reports
Automated supply fulfillment & meter readings

Managed Print Cost Recovery
Managed Print Fleet Management

Fleet management

Fruth Group’s experienced, courteous team of technicians have the resources and skills to:

Understand your printing needs and the equipment that will meet them
Install devices quickly in a non-intrusive manner
Respond to service calls and repair equipment promptly

Software solutions

We utilize powerful, state-of-the-art software to proactively monitor the health of your printer fleet.

Reduce IT burden, freeing up personnel to focus on the core competencies of your business
Grants your greater control over your corporate print environments whos benefits and cost-savings scale with your business
The scalability and flexibility to optimize daily operations
Security and industry compliance in your printing practices

Managed Print Software Solutions

Fruth Group Document Solutions

Document Management Software:

Technical advances have streamlined the cost and time of information management for organizations. Capturing and converting paper files into digital documents cuts storage costs and keeps your workplace orderly and productive.

The Fruth Group’s document solutions make this process easy. We offer a selection of document management software that will enable you to scan, extract and distribute information effortlessly

Reduced reliance on physical storage and related expenses

Options for converting documents to several formats, including PDF and DOC

The ability to integrate documents with different applications

Quick, easy routing of files to network folders and email

Compliance and governance

Maintain secure, policy-based access to your documents and emails

Increase accountability throughout your organization

Store documents for effortless retrieval

For companies in any industry, keeping records organized and protected is imperative. This is especially true in fields such as Healthcare, Law, Education and Finance.

With Fruth Group’s Managed Print Services, you consolidate all your supplies, devices and vendors into one point of contact. You gain printer security, automated supply fulfillment, automated meter readings, support, and maintenance all as a controlled monthly service

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