Managed Print Services

Do more than print – get results.

Fruth Group Managed Print Services help you deliver measurable business results. Let Fruth Group help you implement solutions to better predict costs, increase uptime, and enhance security.

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Gain valuable insights

Predictability is critical to businesses that are under pressure to reduce costs and use resources more efficiently. Fruth Group MPS provides clients with business intelligence data that’s based on device information and predictive analytics.

Fruth Group MPS provides you with specific insights, solutions, an integrated portal for your print and PC fleet, and business reviews with Fruth Group experts so you can have the data you need to:

  • Make smarter decisions based on the trends, usage, and costs of your print environment
  • Increase uptime by preventing problems before they happen
  • Easily manage and continuously improve your PC and print fleets
  • Optimize your fleet to meet your unique business needs
  • Manage your fleet more efficiently and take advantage of easier data access and analytics

Protect your business

Security is a major concern for all businesses. Today’s rising cybercrime, complicated compliance issues, and internal threats can all result in major financial loss. Fruth Group can help protect your revenue and reputation with the most comprehensive device, data, and document security.

The security delivered by Fruth Group and our partners’ devices, security solutions, and Secure Managed Print Services can help you:

  • Improve device security using automatic detection of cyberattacks with features like firmware whitelisting, and run-time intrusion detection
  • Protect sensitive data and documents using data encryption, user authentication, and pull print solutions
  • Enhance your system security with automated monitoring and compliance reporting, which tracks printer security incidents
  • Develop a cohesive printing security strategy and implement solutions to protect your business thanks to guidance from Fruth Group print security experts who will help to assess your environment
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Evolve your workplace

It’s no secret that the IT landscape is rapidly changing thanks to mobility, cloud security, and data analytics. It’s also clear that paper-based processes are taking a backseat to more easily accessible and streamlined digital options. Employees now expect to have access to information anywhere, anytime—a demand that must be met for the sake of productivity, but not at the cost of security. With Fruth Group’s workflow solutions, a scalable, flexible portfolio, innovative MFP technology, and consistent global delivery, Fruth Group MPS can help you meet those needs.

  • Automate digital workflows with easy document capture, digitization, and content extraction
  • Print from mobile devices securely and conveniently with cutting-edge solutions
  • Meet your changing needs with scalable, customizable solutions
  • Experience breakthrough performance and cost of ownership with next generation devices with predictive maintenance and remote analytics
  • Create a single point-of-accountability for your entire print fleet and consistent support experience for multivendor devices with a single global contract


Fruth Group’s comprehensive range of technology innovations provide secure, end-to-end solutions to the organizations we partner with, including streamlined processes and proactive security.


Fruth Group’s portfolio of hardware, software, and services offers flexibility and scalability to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes throughout the US.

Business Intelligence

Information gathered through data analytics, strategic business reviews with Fruth Group experts, and PC and print analytics provide you with confidence that you’re making the right decisions.

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