Dark Web Monitoring

Stop reacting, proactively discovering any compromised data on the dark web to take immediate action.

Respond sooner with Dark Web Monitoring.

The dark web accounts for 90% of the internet—starting at $15, malicious entities can purchase databases of stolen emails, compromised banking logins, sensitive business information, and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Your business members’ personal information is used and saved across dozens, or even hundreds, of sites. With cybersecurity attacks at their peak and still growing, it’s important to safeguard your information and spot potential vulnerabilities before they become serious problems.

Dark Web threats and screening

Respond sooner to exposures with Dark Web Monitoring, part of Fruth’s Cybersecurity Services, helping you uncover compromised credentials—credit card information, social security numbers, other PII, and sensitive business data—that may be floating around in Dark Web markets, data dumps, and elsewhere. Take immediate action to secure your most valuable information before it is misused.

Unacceptable Risk.

Shield your business from dangerous risks you can’t afford. Employees may not understand vulnerabilities or how to shore up exposed data. The data users have stored across sites online is expansive and continually growing, with sensitive credit card and CVV codes, passports, and SSNs, along with countless account logins and passwords—all primed for hacking and sale on the Dark Web markets.

Automated Prevention.

Secure your employee and company data, along with any potentially compromised business information with Fruth’s Dark Web Monitoring, (also known as Dark Net scans or Dark Web), working quietly in the background. Rest assured with proactive, robust protection from cyber crimes stemming from hacked, stolen, or otherwise breached personal identifiable information (PII) data.

Ongoing Support.

Stay informed with immediate alerts when sensitive data is compromised and prevent future occurrences with guidance on stronger permissions, passwords, and login settings. Rely on a Dark Web Monitoring security strategy built around your needs. Whether you want protection for core executives or your entire workforce, we customize your support level to your unique business goals and requirements.

Rest assured, knowing you aren’t leaving private data vulnerable on the dark with Fruth’s Dark Web Monitoring working in the background for your executives and employees daily. Rest assured, personal and business account information is secure, and take immediate action in the event of an exposure with instant alerts from your dedicated support. Keep your data—and your business—safe from cyber crimes. Fruth Group offers Dark Web Scanning in our Gold and Platinum packages and a robust suite of best-in-class cybersecurity tools.