Document Management

Secure and control your company content, emails, and documents with Fruth Group.

Document Management

Secure and control your company content, emails, and documents with Fruth Group.

Automate everything.

fruth group document management with prism

Reimagine document management

Document and Content Capture, Workflow, and Forms

Gain control and security over your documents, content, and email with Fruth Group’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications. Effortlessly migrate and protect your existing network folder system into our all-inclusive ECM for secure management. Enjoy all the capabilities and functions you need for document management on one unified platform. Access documents, workflows, and Forms—anywhere while enjoying complete Microsoft integrations (including Windows Explorer, Outlook, and Word). Fruth’s ECM works the way you do. And you can make all your content more inclusive and accessible with a Translation Assistant from our preferred provider.

  • Instant Document Search & Availability

  • Easy Capture & Data Extraction from Documents
  • Smart Workflow & Automated Document Processing
  • Intuitive eForms & eSignatures

  • Complete Network Folder Migration

  • User-friendly Customer & Vendor Portal

  • Automated Document Creation

  • Personal Folder System for Users

  • Flexible Web and Desktop Access

  • Seamless Third-party integrations

  • Quick document translation to any language

Document Management Benefits
Prism Capture and WorkPath

Boost precision and speed

Save time and avoid issues without manual data processing

Automatically extract data from electronic and scanned documents. Take it a step further with pre-processing instant database lookup and extracted data verification with its built-in workflow. Enjoy intuitive data extraction setup with Prism Capture Smart Templates. Eliminate manual document processes with intelligent, automated processes. Rely on advanced, intelligent data processing with a fully integrated Document Management workflow for extracted data with a fully-automated or user-approval mode, effortlessly managing approvals through Prism Capture’s Workpath. A single seat of WorkPath is provided with Prism Capture to easily allocate WorkPath seats to Prism Capture.

Automate data processing with Workflow and Electronically Signing Forms

Instant Data Collection and Processing

Store and deliver critical information to business stakeholders, teams, and customers with a robust Content Management solution. Streamline processes by automating manual tasks for agile management and greater productivity. Immediately transform data into actionable insights with machine learning and automated data capture and extraction. Maximize data protection with rich security features while staying in strict compliance with industry-specific regulations. Go greener, efficiently capturing, validating, and submitting data forms for processing.

Scale to support any business size with the flexibility to grow or adjust with your organization’s changing needs. Empower collaboration. Access and manage documents from anywhere, enabling remote collaboration, facilitating teamwork and efficient decision-making. Tailor workflows to your unique business needs and industry requirements. Fuel agility and precision with real-time insights included in workflow statuses to empower breakthrough performance and new approaches. Create inclusive, accessible content for your audiences with a translation assistant instantly translating forms, documents, and more into your required language(s).

Enjoy an intuitive user experience with a user-friendly customer and vendor portal unleashing powerful analytics and progress and updates on any open requests. All while keeping your workforce connected; seamlessly integrating with existing systems and tools for a cohesive workflow environment.

  • Access to multiple Forms design interfaces for broad project requirements and complexities

  • Easy Form deployment

  • On-demand user library for eForms

  • View Forms anywhere on any HTML-enabled device

  • Convenient Electronic Finger Form Signing

  • Easily create workflows with approval, modification, escalation, and more

  • Embed collected data into Form document suites

  • Secure and archive Form data and completed Forms

  • Leverage on a public webpage (optional module)

fruth group prism workpath

Document Capture Automation Software

Empower informed decision-making and breakthrough business outcomes. Easily capture, classify, and validate high volumes of documents and transform files into usable insights.

Enterprise content management


Achieve business agility—simplifying the capture, retrieval, and distribution of your information powered by a robust GlobalSearch document management software.

fruth group prism docform

Web Forms Management Software

Eliminate error-prone manual entry and enable real-time audience engagement with your custom web forms retrieving only the data you need while improving the captured data quality.

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