Document Management

Easily automate and manage your business processes, workflows, documents & content.

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All-Inclusive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Platform

Management, Capture, Workflow & eForms for Documents and Content

Organizations gain control and security over their documents, content, and emails by utilizing our ECM applications. Companies can easily migrate their existing network folder system into our ECM for secure management. This is all-inclusive, as a result all capabilities and features are included in the core application.

Our ECM provides access to documents, workflows, and eForms from anywhere. It’s fully integrated with Microsoft Windows Explorer, Outlook and Word so it works the way you work.

  • Instant Document Search & Availability

  • Capture & Data Extraction from Documents
  • Workflow & Automated Document Processing
  • eForms & eSignatures

  • Network Folder Migration

  • Customer & Vendor Portal

  • Automated Document Creation

  • Personal Folder System for Users

  • Both Web & Desktop Accessible

  • Third-party integrations

Automated capture, extraction and processing of data & documents

Automated data extraction & processing replaces manual data processing

Prism Capture automatically and accurately extracts data from electronic and scanned documents. It can then optionally conduct a database lookup and verification of extracted data before it processes the data with its built-in workflow. Prism Capture utilizes Smart Templates for easy and intuitive setup of data extraction. Easily replace manual document processes with intelligent, automated processes.

Prism Capture also has a fully integrated workflow for advanced and intelligent data processing of extracted data. Prism Capture is designed to run in either a fully automated mode or user-approval mode. User approvals are easily done through Prism WorkPath. A single seat of WorkPath is provided with Prism Capture. Additional seats of WorkPath are easily added to Prism Capture.

fruth group document management by prism

eForms with Workflow & eSigning for Automated Processing of Data

Automates Data Collection & Processing

Prism eForms is an all-inclusive electronic forms application for implementing smart PDF, mobile and HTML eForms with eSigning. You can eliminate paper-based, manual data collection, data entry and keying, and manual form routing. A wide range of eForms can be created including quick mobile eForms to complex projects. An optional module allows for the posting of these eForms to customer websites.

Prism eForms scales to your requirements. Prism eForms provides easy eForms creation, deployment workflow, automatic document generation, secure data and eForms repository and more.

  • Multiple eForms designer interfaces for different project requirements and complexities

  • Easy eForm deployment

  • On-demand user library for eForms

  • eForms viewable on any HTML-enabled device

  • Finger eSigning of eForms

  • Easily create workflows with approval, modification, escalation, and more

  • Embed collected data into eForm document suites

  • Secure archive for eForm data and completed eForms

  • Public web page (optional module)

fruth group prism workpath

Prism Workpath

Prism WorkPath provides automated document processing that replaces repetitive manual desktop processing. It’s easy to create desktop-based workflows that perform a wide range of automated document processing functions. A wide range of manual document process that you perform at the desktop can be automatically accomplished with WorkPath.

Prism ScanPath

Prism ScanPath automatically processes and workflows scanned documents – whether from an MFP (multifunction printer) or stand-alone scanner. You can eliminate the many repetitive, manual tasks that are involved with post-scanning of documents. ScanPath also automatically converts file formats and integrates with SharePoint. It’s fully integrated with all of our MFPs.

fruth group prism docform


DocForm enables automated generation of high volume electronic, mobile, email, and print variable data-driven business communications. DocForm is designed for organizations that need to generate high volumes of highly personalized electronic, mobile, email, and print business communications. It’s ideal for eStatement and printed statements, customer notifications, and other types of complex communications.

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