Cloud Backup

Operate with the confidence that in the case of catastrophe, your data remains protected and available.

Manually backing up your files is tedious work – and is the main reason many companies don’t follow recommended backup practices. Fruth Group automates this time intensive task by scheduling automatic incremental backups that work around your schedule.

Be prepared for anything

Even small amounts of downtime can cause serious financial stress to any company, so having a professional Backup & Disaster Recovery plan is crucial. Fruth Cloud Backup ensures all your files and data remain protected and available, allowing your business to recover quickly from system failure or file loss.

fruth group cloud backup

Hosted in Fruth Group’s private cloud

Rather than being stored in a public cloud, your files are securely backed up in Fruth Group’s private cloud environment. This allows Fruth Group to maintain complete regulation and security over your data, and allows immediately access in case of a disaster.

Traditionally, cloud recovery via the internet can be slow – especially with large backup files. The Fruth Group cloud is hosted in a local datacenter, which allows us to transfer a physical copy of your data to your location much faster than traditional internet transfer methods.

Why should you backup in the cloud?

Small to medium sized business don’t have unlimited IT budgets. Cloud Backup doesn’t require any up-front infrastructure investment, and is a predictable, fixed monthly cost.

Having your data hosted in the cloud allows you to securely access your data anytime, from any device with an internet connection.

Keeping an off-site copy of your data is key in any backup & recovery strategy. In the case of a natural disaster, hardware failure, or theft, your data is still secured and stored off-site in our private cloud environment.

After the initial backup of your data, we work with you to schedule automated backup times. These automatic incremental backups only include any new changes since the previous backup, and can be scheduled during non-business hours.

Every company is unique, so we offer fully customizable backup strategies tailored around your needs. We help you develop your RPO and RTO objectives, and build our backup retention strategy around them.

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Cloud Case Study

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What happens if disaster strikes?

When your company uses Cloud Backup, your data becomes hyper-available. Your backups are accessible whenever & wherever, allowing your data to be restored quickly so your business stays operational.

In the event of a disaster which causes the loss of your on-prem hardware, a server can even be virtualized for you in our private cloud environment, allowing you to securely access your backed up data, avoiding downtime and quickly resuming normal operation.

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