Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Benefits of Fruth Group  • When disaster strikesWhat are Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery?


Backup and recovery made easy

Fruth Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery ensures your data is securely stored, and your business stays operational in case of emergency

Cloud Backup by Fruth Group

Building a Disaster Recovery plan starts with gaining an understanding of how your business operates, how its resources are interconnected, assessing possible vulnerabilities, and understanding how specific departments would be affected in the event of a disaster.

We make implementation easy, and can back up your current NAS to the cloud

Built-in end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption

Unlimited data retention

Recovery from disaster nearly instantly by utilizing our virtual servers

Configured and supported by in-house Fruth Group Cloud Experts

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cloud backup disaster

What happens when disaster strikes?

When your company uses Cloud Backup, your data becomes hyper-available. Your backups are accessible whenever & wherever, allowing your data to be restored quickly so your business stays operational.

In the event of a disaster which causes the loss of your hardware, a server can even be virtualized on our Cloud, allowing you to avoid costly downtime, and quickly resume normal operation.

Reasons for recovery range from hardware or system failure, accidental file deletion, software or database corruption, cryptolocker/ransomware to natural disasters.

cloud backup and disaster recovery automated backups

Automated backups

Your backup tasks can run automatically at a scheduled point of time, or repeat on a desired schedule in order not to affect company’s production.

cloud backup and disaster recovery made easy

Recovery made easy

You have the ability to recover individual files or folders, or your entire system. Choose a recovery point from any of your previous backups. 

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Your data is always available

Your data is always available and encrypted, allowing you to securely access important data from any platform with great flexibility.

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup allows your business to safely store its data offsite in our secure data center rather than storing the data locally on a physical disk. Having a copy of your data off-site has many benefits, and is a crucial part of Disaster Recovery.


What is Disaster Recovery?

In the event of a disaster which results in the loss of a part or all of your resources, a properly implemented Disaster Recovery plan will allow your business to recover your data, avoid costly downtime, and continue operating normally.

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fruth group cloud backup

When it comes to protecting your data, you can never be too safe.

Even small amounts of downtime can cause serious financial stress to any company, so having a professional Backup & Disaster Recovery plan is crucial. Fruth Cloud Backup ensures all your files and data are securely backed up, and available, allowing your business to recover quickly from system failure or file loss.

Want to more about Cloud Backup?

Our cloud experts are here to help! Contact us today to learn how Fruth Group Cloud Backup can protect your business with reliable, flexible, and secure deployment options.