Tap into Fruth Group’s deep government contracts with customized technologies.


Tap into Fruth Group’s deep government contracts with customized technologies.

Maximize your secure, always-on environment.

Government agency IT partner

Drive efficiency and save your government agency valuable resources.

At Fruth Group, we’re certified to help government agencies support your communities and meet critical demands with extremely high security and compliance standards to navigate compliance requirements and evolving Cybersecurity threats. For over two decades, we’ve partnered with national school districts, educational institutions, cities, counties, and more through our expansive portfolio of Cybersecurity and IT services, imaging solutions, and state-of-the-art technology and hardware. Let’s work together for the best possible performance outcomes across your community.

With Fruth as a partner, our customers can tap into our Government Contracts:

  • Mohave Educational Services Co-Op
  • Premier GPO
  • Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)
OneScreen Monitor for Education

Elevate your approach to education.

Unleash greater reach and engagement

Unleash an interactive learning experience and reach students everywhere. Effortlessly present, share videos and content, conference in educators and students in outside locations. Bring learning to life with a Windows-based OneScreen interactive touch screen and a 4K tracking camera with speakers and a microphone from one of our preferred manufacturers.

Power a more collaborative teaching curriculum, so you can:

  • Enable students to answer questions or polls from smartphones while you teach
  • Save time, and build a consistent district wide approach, accessing files on the cloud
  • Connect educators and students anywhere—perfect for eLearning
  • Rely on best-in-class performance and plenty of room with 8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage

Simplify Document Management for education.

Go green—saving valuable time and resources

Go paperless, scanning paper forms and documents to accessible online forms with Document Management for Education. Simplify teacher reimbursements, purchase, mileage, and check requests, and more, all with instant access on connected devicesanywhere. With Document Management for Education (DocMgt) from Fruth’s trusted provider, your educational institution or school district can:

  • Effortlessly and securely create online forms with paper documents
  • Increase collaboration with convenient access—anywhere
  • Boost productivity and precision with automated workflows
  • Stay informed and ahead of deadlines with notifications and reminders
  • Empower more collaboration and a cohesive approach via Integrated Data Sharing
  • Instantly store school student records directly from print or online forms
Document Management for Education
Election technology

Empower smooth, secure ballot counting

Mitigate Election Day risks and counting delays

Don’t become the next headline. Local counties are under more scrutiny than ever to provide efficient election results reporting. Minimize stressful disruption and drive agility and security with Lexmark Printers designed and manufactured exclusively for Fruth Group to print onsite ballots on demand. Rely on Lexmark ballot printers to accommodate your specific needs for ballot weight and size, up to 8.5 x 22 inches, built to ensure paper is aligned with precision for tabulation.

Fruth Group’s Lexmark ballot printers are powered by our trusted, federally-recognized partner authorized in the election process, so you can:

  • Streamline ballot production
  • Guarantee accurate data extraction and counting
  • Secure your uploaded data from cyber threats
  • Rely on a smooth certification process

“Replacing printers could eliminate or substantially reduce the printer issues. During our tests, the Lexmark printers used during the general election successfully printed the 20-inch ballots on 100-pound paper without requiring any adjustment to the printer warehouse settings.”

– Ruth V. McGregor, Maricopa County 2022 General Election Ballot-on-Demand Printer Investigation

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