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Get more out of the Cloud

Ready your business for a data-driven world with Fruth Group’s custom Cloud Services that help you flexibly achieve your business objectives.

fruth cloud backup

Cloud Backup

Automatically scheduled backups ensure you are protected

Quickly and easily restore lost or corrupted information

Utilize a virtual server in the case of an on-site disaster

fruth cloud server

Cloud Server

React quickly to changing business needs with better scalability

Securely access your data at any time, from any device

Lower your total cost of ownership, and gain predictable costs

fruth cloud voice

Cloud Voice

Seamless connectivity whether you are in the office, or on the go

Fully featured – no need to purchase costly addons or upgrades

Management and hardware included as a part of your monthly service

What are “Cloud Services”?

Cloud Services provide a means of securely accessing computers, apps, data, and other IT resources from any device connected to the internet. Cloud Services can dynamically scale to meet changing business needs, and are fully managed by our in-house Fruth Group Cloud Experts.

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Fruth Cloud Services

Fully managed and fully featured
Reduced reliance on on-prem hardware, and management
Lower total cost of ownership
Quick reaction to changing business needs
Greater scalability & flexibility
The freedom to securely access your services and data whenever, wherever
Automatic backups and secure storage of your data in the cloud

Our process

fruth group cloud process


First we assess your business goals and develop a cloud strategy that will help you reach them. We determine which applications can be migrated to the cloud, which type of cloud environment works best for you, and what the overall infrastructure needs to look like. This step is crucial to your cloud migration.


This is the process of actually moving your apps and data into the cloud. We modernize old software (when possible) to integrate with the cloud, and develop new cloud enabled processes. This will change the way you do business for the better. It will allow you to develop a new operating model which allows your business more freedom, scalability, and mobility.


After the migration, we work continuously to optimize your cloud infrastructure to maximize the already huge benefits. This involves adjusting controls, governance and security. When managed properly, this allows your business to seamlessly access both your cloud and remaining local storage. 

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