Protecting the secrets
you didn’t know were exposed.

Dark Web Scanning guards your data by alerting you when it’s compromised.

Our personal information has been used and saved across dozens, if not hundreds of sites. And with data breaches and hacks on the rise, it’s a sure bet that some of this data may have been exposed at some point. It may even be vulnerable right now.

TotalSecure by Fruth Group helps you uncover compromised credentials—such as credit card information, social security numbers and other sensitive data—that may be floating around in Dark Web markets, data dumps and elsewhere. With continual monitoring, we alert you and your organization to these exposures right away, so you can take fast action to secure your most valuable information before it’s shared or misused.

Unacceptable Risk.

The data that the average person has stored on various sites is astounding, with sensitive credit card and CVV codes, passports and SSNs, along with countless account logins and passwords—all just waiting to be hacked and sold on Dark Web markets. What’s more, your employees may not know their risks, nor how to shore up their data once it’s been exposed. But this is a risk you, your business and your team members simply can’t afford.

Automated Prevention.

Dark Web Scans—also known as Dark Net scans or Dark Web screenings—work quietly in the background of all we do, offering fierce and fast protection from cyber crimes stemming from hacked, stolen or otherwise breached personal data. Fruth Group can manage these scans for your employees to ensure their own data is safe, along with any of your secure company data that may have been compromised along the way.

Ongoing Support.

Whether you need protection for your core executives or your full team of employees, TotalSecure provides Dark Web Scanning across all credentials within a given domain. And if you need more customized support, we can work with you to price out the solution that’s right for your business. You’ll get alerts any time sensitive data has been compromised, and we can also help you set up stronger passwords to protect your data moving forward.

Don’t leave your private data vulnerable in the dark. With Dark Web Scanning working in the background for your executives and employees every day, you can rest easy knowing your most sensitive personal and business account information is secure—and we’ll flag you immediately if it’s ever compromised so you can take immediate action to secure it. TotalSecure by Fruth Group includes Dark Web Scanning as standard in our Plus and Complete packages, along with a suite of other invaluable cybersecurity tools to keep your data—and your business—safe from cyber crimes.