Wide Format

For customers who need larger documents than standard printers or multifunction systems can deliver, the Fruth Group offers a selection of wide format printers. These devices are ideal for clients in such industries as: Architecture, Design, Retail, Engineering & Advertising.

Available wide format devices also come with:

  • HD widescreen displays

  • Intuitive touch screen monitors

  • Automatic cutting settings

  • Adjustable settings for media weight and thickness

  • Ink drying and usage controls

Superior print speeds

You’ll have the ability to print large-sized documents quickly.

High print resolution

You’ll get reliably sharp details and rich, vibrant colors.

Hard disk memory

Our devices’ hard drives can store thousands of documents, allowing you to make prints and reproductions whenever you need them.

Cloud sharing capabilities

You can share files via the cloud and print them from nearly any device.

Proudly offering:

So many choices… Need help?

Our vast portfolio ensures we have something to meet any need, but it can also make selecting the proper machines feel overwhelming. Not to worry! Our experts are available to help you ensure you get a machine that will align with your business objectives, and you aren’t paying for extra features you don’t need.

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