Production Printers

Production printers.

For some businesses, only the highest quality of printed materials will do. If you need to make professional-level documents on an ongoing basis, the Fruth Group has an extensive selection of production printers that will give you that ability. These machines are regularly used to produce high quality magazines, marketing materials, presentations, newsletters, flyers, bulletins, case files, and much more.

High DPI resolution

Get the finely detailed, flawless images you need for corporate and promotional materials.

Efficient, dependable, eco-conscious design

Our devices are designed for stable, consistent, uniform-quality printing. You’ll get error-free prints reliably and on the first run. You can queue print jobs as well and further boost your efficiency.

Available models also feature innovative technology that reuses generated heat. This will allow you to conserve energy and lower your carbon footprint.

Finishing options and accessories

Make print runs even faster and smoother with such accessories as:

  • Paper folding units

  • Puncher units

  • Trimmers

  • High-capacity stackers

Proudly offering:

So many choices… Need help?

Our vast portfolio ensures we have something to meet any need, but it can also make selecting the proper machines feel overwhelming. Not to worry! Our experts are available to help you ensure you get a machine that will align with your business objectives, and you aren’t paying for extra features you don’t need.

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