Print Tracker

Document Collection Agent

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The simplest way to manage printers and copiers across your entire network.


Print Tracker automates your billing meters and supply needs with its non-invasive software. Downloading and installing Print Tracker is a simple process:

cloud backup and disaster recovery automated backups

Fully automated

Print Tracker automatically gathers the meters and emails them as an Excel spreadsheet attachment when scheduled.

cloud backup and disaster recovery made easy

Discovery made easy

Device discovery is quick. A typical segment can be searched in just a couple of minutes.

cloud server reliability

Total connectivity

Print Tracker can monitor locally-connected printers as well as network devices, including copiers and MFPs.


Print Tracker gathers the device description, IP Address, serial number, location, page counts, and toner levels. It can be set up to send toner and service alerts as well. Printing devices that are compliant with the standard Printer MIB are supported, including our partners Canon, HP, Lexmark and Kyocera.

image runner advance 4500 canon print tracker


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