hp multifunction printer on small desk

An office standard – but not to be overlooked!

Printers are an integral part of any enterprise. Research has shown that the printing done by a single office worker in a single year can cost a business thousands of dollars. Overall, a company’s printing practices can account for as much as 3% of its annual budget. That’s a lot of funds going to a non-profit-driving part of your operations.

The Fruth Group has products and services to help our customers optimize their printing solutions. Our partnerships with Canon, HP, Kyocera and Lexmark give us access to highly efficient, state-of-the-art printers. These devices will give you the documents you need faster and with less drain on time and revenue.

Our machines offer:

Clean, error-free prints in both color and black-and-white

Fast warm-up and print times

Print settings to help lower your paper, toner and energy usage

Customizable interfaces that let you preview documents before printing

HP office printer in office environment

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