Technology Procurement

More than just new hardware!

Modern technology makes it easier than ever for business’ to operate smoothly, but it takes more than just new hardware to truly optimize your business.

When you obtain your hardware and software through Fruth Group, you receive more than just new tech. From workstation, to servers and network components, to software and licensing – we incorporate everything to operate in alignment with your business objectives.

Workstation, servers, and everything in between!

Technology Procurement

When you obtain your hardware, software, or licensing through Fruth Group, you receive a lot more than just awesome new tech, and expert integration. You receive Fruth Group support! We become your single point of contact and handle all manufacturer issues and contact. This includes things related to warranties, RMAs, service calls, and any other issue that would require you to contact the manufacturer.

All hardware you receive through Fruth Group comes from reputable sources – no grey market purchases here! Every product comes fully licensed, and backed by warranty.

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Want to equip your staff with top quality hardware without the upfront cost of purchasing it outright?

Intruducing: Hardware as a Service

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

With this service, Fruth Group provides hardware at your location as a monthly service. We replace any hardware which has failed or broken due to normal wear and tear, and continually upgrade devices as technology evolves.

HaaS has many benefits:

Eliminate upfront hardware costs

Your hardware gets upgraded as technology evolves

Better troubleshooting and maintenance

Allow for greater scalability – upgrade as you grow

Always having the newest hardware leads to increased security